jesus-teacher-children-disciple_10662Sunday morning worship services at Ormond Church are designed to be friendly for the entire family! We encourage parents with children to enjoy learning about Jesus and the love of God together as a family in the main service. Throughout scripture we find children sitting at the feet of Jesus learning directly from Him during His teachings to large crowds (Matt 14:21, Matt 15:38, Luke 18:15-16, Matt 21:15, Isaiah 54:13), often using their child-like faith as our example when illustrating the faith required to enter Heaven (Matt 18:2-3, 4-5, Matt 19:14, Mark 9:37, Matt 11:25). Jesus even taught that although children have minimal abilities and status in society, they are actually the greatest within society! (Luke 9:48) Finally, in a truly wonderful display of the ability and wisdom of children, Jesus himself began teaching in the synagogues at only 12 years old! (Luke 2:40, 46-47)

Lord-Jesus-With-A-Girl-550x413At The OC children often remark on how much they have enjoyed sitting with their parents and hearing the same message they do. We find when we give children the opportunity to act and learn as the adults do, they often rise to the occasion with very few disruptions. Overall we believe, based on Jesus’ teachings and example, we have just as much to learn from children as they do from us! (Luke 10:21, Luke 1:17) Therefore in closing, we hope you’ll give your children of all ages the chance to join us in the main service this Sunday as we all learn more about Jesus as one church family!