Feast For The Least

Every Saturday 5pm – 320 North Street, Daytona Beach


Jesus loves The Least, so much so in fact that He came as one of them. Who are The Least? The Least are the poor and oppressed; those with “the least” value to society, those who are “the least” important, and those who have “the least” amount of social status.

In scripture we find that each great servant of God came as a member of “the least; Jesus was homeless ( Luke 9:58). John the Baptist lived in the desert eating locusts (Matt 3:4). The disciples owned only the clothes on their backs (Matt 10:9-11) as just a few examples. Furthermore, Jesus taught that because we don’t know what He looks like, how we treat The Least is how we treat Him (Matt 25:37-40). Therefore as a church we refuse to neglect the needs of The Least, as all people possess great value and are to be treasured by the Church of Jesus.

Join us EVERY SATURDAY at 320 North Street from 5-6pm to feed and clothe the poor and oppressed.

You’ll be blessed for your service (Luke 14:13-14), maybe even entertain an angel or two (Heb 13:2). See you Saturday!