Our Pastor


Pastor Rich and Brandi Tidwell are the head pastor and administrator of Ormond Church. Together they have fallen in love with the people of Ormond Beach and grown deep roots in our wonderful community. Beginning in 2007, they cultivated their relationship right in the heart of Ormond leading up to their wedding at the Casements in 2011. In 2013, they moved into the very same Ormond Beach home Brandi spent her childhood growing up in, being lived in by her parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents before her.

To carry on their unique legacy, Rich and Brandi’s daughter, Reinette Clare, was born at their home in 2014, “a truly beautiful and unforgettable experience” Rich shares. In an equally fascinating event in June of 2015, another birth took place in the Tidwell’s living room, the birth of Ormond Church. Gathering together on couches and living room chairs, the house which has been home to Brandi’s family for ages was now becoming a home for not only the Tidwell’s but for many families living in the Ormond area. Throughout the months of preparations leading up to The OC’s launch, Rich & Brandi have loved every moment of watching Jesus’ new church sprout to life right in the center of their home!

IMG_4229No stranger to church plants, Pastor Rich and his family moved to Ponce Inlet in 2002 to plant the very first church in the history of Ponce Inlet. Since then he has launched a successful youth ministry, acted as worship leader for 12 years, attended International Seminary, spent time abroad on missions, and has been the associate pastor of Ponce Church since January 2014.

As The OC’s head administrator, Brandi organizes everything from the delivery of charitable items to the coffee served on Sunday mornings and everything in between. She is also in the early stages of cultivating a new ministry to mothers in need as a birth doula and advocate during pregnancy.

IMG_4063With a combined total of 21 years serving in ministry; pastoring and caring for the needs of families, children, and teenagers as well as the poor and oppressed, Rich & Brandi are very excited to step into their new roles at Ormond Church. As a family they are honored & thrilled to be able to reach the town that they have loved and invested so much time in. As church planters, they strive to equip believers to live like the counter cultural church found in the book of Acts, while also helping empower each person with the loving, merciful, and generous nature of Christ. It is their dream to see revival in Ormond Beach, with people from all walks of life discovering the truth and eternal life found in Jesus. It is their calling to grow The OC & create ministries which will locally support community & family development, adoption, housing of age-out foster girls, providing for homeless & needy families, as well as globally reaching the materially & spiritually poor in Japan.

In closing, after spending some time with the Tidwells, you’ll find them totally in love with Jesus and people while curiously unconventional and difficult to categorize… and they like it that way. It’s one of the reasons Pastor Rich is absolutely thrilled to foster a ministry that operates “more like a charity than a church”, dedicating the majority of it’s budget to those in need within our community and world, all by the grace of God and in the name of Jesus. Will you join with us?